Informing Wildlife Conservation Strategies and Best Practices for Solar Facilities 

In the Intersection of Nature and Energy Transition: Research into enhancing Avian reproductive success and Insect habitat in Solar PV sites….

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Our Project Impact

This project will provide the most comprehensive evaluation to date of the impacts of solar facilities on biodiversity, generate guidelines to mitigate these impacts or even benefit biodiversity, validate novel tools to facilitate future investigations, and provide decision support to guide and facilitate future deployment of PV facilities.

Nature & Wildlife

Solar Energy



Avian Reproductive Success


Pollinator Use and Biodiversity


Integrated Decision Model

Project Outcomes


This project will provide empirical research findings which will be incorporated into a integrated decision model to inform Solar PV management decisions by industry and other stakeholders. This work will generate new scientific knowledge on the risks, impacts, and benefits of solar PV on avian and invertebrate species, and will identify links between PV siting, design, and management on these effects.

Project Focus

The project focuses on the following aspects

Aviation Reproductive Sucess

Pollinators in Solar Facilities

Integrated Decision Model

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Timonthy Randhir

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